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Because it’s really hot, I drew fall/winter Sherlolly. (For lostwithoutmyconsultingdetective)

This is s CUTE *faints* The feells


"You can see me."

What always gets me  is how easily Molly says she doesn’t count and the amount of hurt, indignation and apology in Sherlock’s face when she does. These actors I just-


The third and final part to my 2.5k followers celebration, and I’ve decided to do a second follow forever! Since I did my first follow forever, I’ve discovered a shedload of really cool blogs run by some total sweethearts, and I’ve made friends with people who are, to quote Arthur Shappey, “brilliant!”. So I’ve made this follow forever in order to say thank you to those people, and more, for making my Tumblr dashboard a really lovely, interesting place to be. Some I speak to, some I’ve spoken to once or twice and some I literally just admire from afar, but you’re all awesomely cool regardless.

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Molly is just this rock for Sherlock, even though he doesn’t know it, but she’s just there for him and he turns to her in his darkest hour - Amanda Abbington


Louise Brealey’s letter to her student self in The Source magazine